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How the cyber security threat landscape is changing

The cyber security threat landscape changes fast, and for most companies it’s a struggle to keep on top of the latest trends, each designed to compromise operations.

As detailed in the Sophos 20-year retrospective, we have moved from worms in the early 2000s, to botnets and cyber weapons like Stuxnet in the period to 2012, and are now facing a huge rise in ransomware as a service, alongside nation-state-sponsored attacks, organised crime, hacktivists, and disgruntled insiders or angry customers.

This ever-adapting horizon forced the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) – a part of GCHQ – to refresh its 10 Steps to Cyber Security guidance in May. The publication assists FTSE 350 companies, and others, in understanding the upcoming challenges and how to deal with them.

This updated version included details on the growth of cloud services and the shift to home working due to the pandemic, plus an acknowledgement of how the face of ransomware is changing and becoming more severe.


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